The integrated water cycle


Thanks to a set of pipes and facilities, water goes everywhere with quality and pressure required.

From the drinking water treatment plants to the user’s tap we manage a whole series of installations to ensure the continual supply of water at the pressure required.

This collection of installations includes: large conduits, forebays, smaller drinking water tanks, pumping stations and finally the distribution network.

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Relevant data

33 forebays

288 smaller drinking water tanks

160 pumping stations

17,383 km adduction and distribution network

Did you know …?


If the pipes of the region’s 17,000 kilometre network were laid end to end they would stretch from Madrid to Brisbane in Australia.

The ancient Romans collected rainwater in a pond called an impluvium, where impurities settled out, the water then passed to the underground cistern to supply the house.

The first elevated drinking water reservoir in Madrid (1911) is now a major exhibition hall.